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Partnering with One Sky Media you can rest assured that your website will comply with web design standards that not only protect you from accessibility liabilities but also guarantee a naturally search engine friendly design.

Whether you have large company or a small business One Sky is the right choice. Our flexible design team will create a website tailored to your specific industry and budget. Whatever your venture is, we can point you in the right direction regarding your Internet marketing plan.

At One Sky clients are number one. Our unrelenting obsession with web standards and the underlying functionality and interoperability that it assures our designs, as well as our passion for a bold visual appearance and the extreme satisfaction of our clients is just how we do business.

Discount packages are available for those willing to enter into long term contracts but you should act quickly, these deals will not last.

What is web accessibility?

Simply put, web accessibility is accomplished through placing your content up front rather than burying it under your navigation links.

Take a moment to look at the source of this page.

Notice that all the links come after the actual content. This is not only optimum for text readers for the visually impaired but for search engines as well. There are two things that happen when your content is properly placed within an xhtml framework; People with disabilities can more certainly access your site content and your search engine rankings will be significantly improved naturally.

No job is too big or too small for our flexible design team. Give us a call at 309 948 6113 to start the process.

Other Offerings

If you're concerned with accessibility issues and interested in getting my help on a project you may reach me by phone or leave me a detailed message using this contact form.

We also provide high quality web hosting, web site design, web site maintenance, mobile digital recording equipment and other promotional material such as brochures, mp3's and graphic design. Web accounts are optimized for musicians and artists.

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